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The Client

One of our largest clients is a student travel company called CIEE. They send a few thousand students around the world throughout the year for exchange or experiential programs.

We don’t want to solely become a humanitarian/student travel company, but many of these companies suit us because they have travel at their core and need complex coordination, but don’t want to book travel themselves (they focus on the in-country experience).

The Challenge

The Challenge

What was the challenge?

  • 1000s of students traveling in groups of 10-50 to 6 continents
  • All from different airports, but on the same international flights as rest of group
  • Each student booking separately, at different times, on their own credit cards
  • Support required on travel day, when up to 1000 pax travel on the same day
  • Most students are under 18 years old, which presents unique challenges

The Solution

The Solution

What was the solution?

  • Our value prop is that we combine technology and humans to handle any complexity
  • Use humans to arrange group flights/chaperones and provide 24/7 support
  • Use technology to coordinate everyone and secure the lowest prices

The Outcome

The Outcome

What was the outcome?

  • 5 years of partnership so far
  • We start each season with human experts working with CIEE to arrange group flights
  • We built a custom landing page to ensure students book the right group flight
  • We use software to ensure the lowest prices from each home airport
  • We use humans on 5 continents to provide 24/7 support on travel days

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